In 1899, Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of the US patent office was quoted with one of the most famous attributed utterance of all times: “everything that can be invented has been invented.” How apocryphal. Another legendary comment (allegedly) made by Bill Gates at a computer trade show in 1981: “640KB ought to be enough memory for anybody.” Or, how about Ken Olsen’s (founder of Digital Equipment) quip made in 1977: “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.” Amazing statements, indeed! But today, the healthcare industrial complex is promulgating the same type of illogical, irrational and stupendously crazy analogous philosophies.


Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Although a very tired proverb, it still holds a certain level of elegance in describing the dysfunctional nature of the US healthcare system.


The Lifestyle Medicine Economic Research Consortium (LMERC) activities will support the advocacy of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) to drive a strategic and operational research agenda to elevate the economic benefits of lifestyle medicine for individuals, industry, and the not-for-profit/governmental sector.


Mission: The LMERC develops, guides, promotes and drives a lifestyle medicine economic research agenda thru its Research Partners.


Vision: The LMERC aspires to be the leader in framing the agenda for lifestyle medicine economic research across the United States and is considered the core source and arbitrator for and of lifestyle medicine economic research data and publications.