Research Partnership

If you have data showing a clear change in health outcomes or cardiometabolic risk factors and can report costs of your intervention, or if you have data on health outcomes and access to actual claims costs, LMERC invites you/your organization to apply to co-publish your data in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Note: While it is a benefit to have access to the real health claim data associated with your patient base or employee base, this is not necessarily a requirement for co-publication.

LMERC can provide the scientific analysis and writing expertise, as well as time, that your team may lack, creating a win-win for your clinical practice or company and the field of lifestyle medicine.

Partnership Requirements:

  • Individual clinicians or practitioners must be members of ACLM.
  • Corporate entities must be members of the ACLM corporate roundtable.
  • At this time, LMERC only accepts publication collaborations based on previously collected, deidentified data. Previously collected, deidentified data is not considered human subjects research and is not subject to HIPAA regulation.
  • LMERC and Partner will sign a Memorandum of Understanding to create a working agreement.
  • Partner will make deidentified, raw data available to LMERC for review and re-analysis, or analysis, as needed.
  • Partner will provide a list of co-authors.
  • LMERC will provide a list of co-authors and determine the order of authorship, with first and last author roles assigned to parties associated with LMERC.
  • LMERC will assume responsibility for checking or performing the analysis, completing the manuscript with appropriate input from Partner, and submitting to one or more journal(s), as needed.

Partnership Costs

The initial costs for review of this application is $3200. This covers the time required to review your information, examine your raw data file and briefly assess the needs for data cleaning, and develop an analysis plan and proposal. This application is intended to be completed by parties with serious interest in pursuing a Research Partnership. Full-service research costs will include further data cleaning, analysis, results review, write-up, editing, and submission for publication to a journal.

Interested parties may wish to consider scheduling a Initial Assessment or Needs Evaluation before completing this application. Fees for those services can be credited towards additional consulting work, including Research Partnerships.


Please complete the following questions as completely as possible.

  • For example, which disease condition(s) did you capture? What units are the outcomes measured in? Do you also have access to associated health claim data?
  • For example, the ideal unit is per member, per year claim costs, categorized by specific disease condition when appropriate.
  • ROI should be calculated as: ROI = (benefits of program MINUS costs of program) / (costs of program)
  • Please be as specific as possible in describing who the population was that received the intervention (demographics, health history, etc.), where the intervention was performed, who administered the intervention, how long it lasted, what your rates of attendance and attrition were, how you measured outcomes, and what kind of follow-up you performed.
  • Please be as specific as possible and report exactly what your results were in terms of changes in health outcomes and financial benefits if you were able to calculate them. If you did not calculate the ROI, please make an estimate of the cost of the intervention per member, per year.
  • The strengths and limitations could refer to your methods, the conclusions you are able to draw from the data, or anything else about the intervention.
  • Drop files here or